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Prospecting Scripts


The Elevator Speech Script
A cool language formula for converting strangers into prospects
Hilton JohnsonProspecting Scripts14.3 MiB1
Hello, How Are You? Script
How to convert a natural conversation into a prospecting dialogue
Hilton JohnsonProspecting Scripts6.6 MiB2
Creating Interest Script
Taking the guesswork out of what to say to peak someone's interest
Hilton JohnsonProspecting Scripts10.2 MiB3
Lead Call Script
What to say to get more bang from your buck from leads you purchased or generated
Hilton JohnsonProspecting Scripts14.7 MiB4
30-Second Commercial Script
A teaser script that leads to a presentation
Hilton JohnsonProspecting Scripts10.5 MiB5
The Apology Approach Script
How leading with an apology breaks down sales resistance
Hilton JohnsonProspecting Scripts6.1 MiB6
Follow-up Script
What to say to regenerate interest when making call backs
Hilton JohnsonProspecting Scripts7.5 MiB7
Door To Door Script
What to say to create unlimited prospects from your own backyard
Hilton JohnsonProspecting Scripts9.8 MiB8


[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]The Ultimate Presentation[/headline_georgia_large_centered]


Special words and phrases for defusing resistance - Part 1
Hilton JohnsonThe Ultimate Presentation18.3 MiB1
Easy Exits
Special words and phrases for defusing resistance - Part 2
Hilton JohnsonThe Ultimate Presentation15.9 MiB2
The Basic Qualifying Question
Determining if your prospect is ready, willing and able to do business
Hilton JohnsonThe Ultimate Presentation18.2 MiB3
The Introduction Stage
What to do and say to stage your presentation
Hilton JohnsonThe Ultimate Presentation13.2 MiB4
The Problem Stage
A questioning strategy for uncovering needs that will make your offer more attractive
Hilton JohnsonThe Ultimate Presentation16.1 MiB5
The Solution Stage
Explaining how your products and your business will meet the needs of your prospects
Hilton JohnsonThe Ultimate Presentation10.4 MiB6
The Demonstration Stage
How to showcase your products and your business opportunity that makes them irresistible
Hilton JohnsonThe Ultimate Presentation13.7 MiB7
The Commitment Stage
Never fear again what to say when closing your deal
Hilton JohnsonThe Ultimate Presentation13.2 MiB8
Overcoming Stalls & Objections
Exactly what to say to convert every hesitation or objection into benefits
Hilton JohnsonThe Ultimate Presentation7.3 MiB9
Million Dollar Comebacks
The best of the best language for handling difficult prospects
Hilton JohnsonThe Ultimate Presentation11.3 MiB10
Bonus: Selling By Attraction - Full Presentation to Individual
Hear the Ultimate Presentation role-played with a single prospect
Hilton JohsnonThe Ultimate Presentation7.5 MiB11
Bonus: Selling By Attraction - Full Presentation to Couple
Hear the Ultimate Presentation role-played with a couple
Hilton JohnsonThe Ultimate Presentation7.3 MiB12
Bonus: Selling By Attraction - Full Presentation 11 Steps
The psychology behind each step of the Ultimate Presentation
Hilton JohnsonThe Ultimate Presentation4.4 MiB13


[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Lead Generation[/headline_georgia_large_centered]


Marketing They Don't Teach At Harvard
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation8.7 MiB1
New Wave Marketing
Creative ways to generate leads without using traditional marketing
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation8.0 MiB2
Reactivating Your Warm Market
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation9.8 MiB3
Meet Your Neighbors
How to turn your neighborhood into the foundation of a large downline
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation25.7 MiB4
Meet Your Business Neighbors
What to say to vendors and business owners to attract them to your business
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation25.4 MiB5
Neighborhood Attraction Marketing
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation23.9 MiB6
Success by Attraction
Become a local celebrity that attracts leaders without selling, marketing or networking
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation24.5 MiB7
Identifying Prospects
Never waste your time with the wrong prospects again with these questions
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation13.0 MiB8
The Neighborhood Commercial
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation13.9 MiB9
Neighborhood 5-Minute Presentation
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation8.5 MiB10
Networking and Profiling
If you must network, here's what to do and say to get it right
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation5.4 MiB11
Business Networking
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation6.8 MiB12
The Fundamentals of Marketing
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation9.9 MiB13
BAD and BOLD Marketing
Outrageous and sometimes entertaining ways to attract prospects
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation30.5 MiB14
Marketing Exercises
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation23.2 MiB16
Direct Response and Niches
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation29.1 MiB16
Great Marketing Ideas
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation8.0 MiB18
Niche Selection
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation8.1 MiB19
Public Speaking 1
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation9.9 MiB20
Public Speaking 2
Hilton JohnsonLead Generation9.7 MiB21


[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Coaching Your Group[/headline_georgia_large_centered]


The Gremlin
Eliminating the self-sabotaging voices that hold people back
Hilton JohnsonCoaching Your Group4.1 MiB1
The Coaching Relationship
How to establish a bond with a new member that makes the relationship flourish
Hilton JohnsonCoaching Your Group5.2 MiB2
Values and Goals
A neat system for helping someone discover their true values and goals
Hilton JohnsonCoaching Your Group6.0 MiB3
Coaching questions that cause people to think and take action
Hilton JohnsonCoaching Your Group6.1 MiB4
Impact Listening
Learn what people are really saying by listening for the things they don't say
Hilton JohnsonCoaching Your Group9.9 MiB5
Energy Sappers
How to eliminate the things and people that drain our energy
Hilton JohnsonCoaching Your Group4.9 MiB6
Coach Your Way To Success 1
Using coaching language and formulas to lead others to success - Part 1
Hilton JohnsonCoaching Your Group10.2 MiB7
Coach Your Way To Success 2
Using coaching language and formulas to lead others to success - Part 2
Hilton JohnsonCoaching Your Group8.7 MiB8
Experience one of the powerful forces that makes us more attractive in business and in our personal lives
Hilton JohnsonCoaching Your Group9.8 MiB9
Be A Happy Networker
Be more successful and happier by focusing on your strengths rather than your weaknesses
Hilton JohnsonCoaching Your Group5.3 MiB10


[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Business Skills[/headline_georgia_large_centered]


The Law of Marketing
Break any one of these laws at your own peril
Hilton JohnsonBusiness Skills27.1 MiB0
Knowing Your Numbers
How to track everything you do to reveal what's working and what's not
Hilton JohnsonBusiness Skills25.1 MiB1
Creating Your Business Plan
The foundation for any business getting off the ground
Hilton JohnsonBusiness Skills7.9 MiB2
Daily Activity
Knowing what to do after knowing what to say
Hilton JohnsonBusiness Skills26.2 MiB3
Putting It All Together
Blending together what to say, what to do and how to coach
Hilton JohnsonBusiness Skills21.7 MiB4
Positioning yourself to only recruit six-figure earners
Hilton JohnsonBusiness Skills9.1 MiB5
Hilton Johnson interviews the master of business networking
Guest Mel KaufmannBusiness Skills9.5 MiB5
Headlines And Ad Copy
Learn how to get more bang from your buck in all of your marketing efforts
Hilton JohnsonBusiness Skills5.6 MiB6
Database Marketing
How to build a database with newsletters, tips and techniques, and other value-based freebies
Hilton JohnsonBusiness Skills6.4 MiB7
The Art Contest and Marketing Ideas
Innovative ways to draw attention to yourself and your company
Hilton JohnsonBusiness Skills10.0 MiB9
Make Your Advertising Pay Off
The key components for creating a compelling ad, website or other marketing tools
Hilton JohnsonBusiness Skills7.9 MiB10
Niche Marketing
Hilton JohnsonBusiness Skills9.2 MiB11
Top 10 Ideas
Hilton JohnsonBusiness Skills7.4 MiB12
Time Management
The only system you'll ever need for making sure you're spending your time on high income-producing activities
Hilton JohnsonBusiness Skills26.3 MiB13
Multiple Streams of Income
Various ways to create additional income streams alongside marketing products and recruiting
Hilton JohnsonBusiness Skills8.9 MiB16
Sponsor Only $100K Distributors
How to seek out and attract business leaders and other high profile people into your business
Hilton JohnsonBusiness Skills11.8 MiB16


[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Advanced Training[/headline_georgia_large_centered]


Coaching-What To Say
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training5.5 MiB0
Focusing On Your Natural Strengths
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training9.1 MiB0
Anatomy of a Presentation
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills9.3 MiB0
Tracking Your Results
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training9.0 MiB0
Your Signature Strengths
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training8.6 MiB0
Group Coaching
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training6.8 MiB0
Open Discussion
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training9.5 MiB0
Setting Goals
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training24.0 MiB0
The Myths Of Goals and Whys
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training9.5 MiB0
The Written Business Plan
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training6.3 MiB0
5-Minute Problem/Solution Approach
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills7.2 MiB1
Psychology of Stalls and Objections
Hilton JohnsonOvercoming Stalls and Objections26.0 MiB1
Hilton JohnsonSecrets to Happiness5.9 MiB1
Three Levels of Listening
Hilton JohnsonListening, The Ultimate Skill24.4 MiB1
Your Secret Power
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training19.8 MiB1
Art of the Follow Up
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training9.3 MiB10
Writing Effective Headlines
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training8.7 MiB10
SBA 11-Step Presetation
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills8.8 MiB10
MAPS Presentation Revisited
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills8.9 MiB12
Testing Your Marketing Efforts
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training9.3 MiB12
Creative Follow-up
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training9.9 MiB12
Relationship Marketing
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training9.4 MiB13
Hello Prospect Sequence
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training9.6 MiB13
The 6 Most Important Questions
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills10.0 MiB14
Creative Prospecting Part 1
a Mastermind SessionAdvanced Training9.9 MiB14
Virtual Training and Marketing
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training9.9 MiB14
Qualifying: What It Means
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills8.9 MiB16
Creative Prospecting Part 2
a Mastermind SessionAdvanced Training9.9 MiB16
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills10.5 MiB16
Handling Resistance
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills9.1 MiB18
Compelling Ad Copy
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training9.6 MiB18
Reframing the Past
Hilton JohnsonSecrets to Happiness6.4 MiB2
What Do We Listen For?
Hilton JohnsonListening, The Ultimate Skill20.3 MiB2
Eliminating Objections
Hilton JohnsonOvercoming Stalls and Objections26.8 MiB2
Prospecting with Problem/Solution Presentation
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills8.7 MiB20
Closing: The Ultimate Skill
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills6.5 MiB20
Buffers and SBA 11 Steps Revisited
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills9.5 MiB21
Mastering Presentation Skills
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills9.9 MiB22
Memorized Language
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills9.9 MiB23
Compelling Sales Message
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills9.6 MiB24
Handling Objections
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills11.2 MiB27
Effective Closing Behaviors
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills9.9 MiB28
Listening Exercises
Hilton JohnsonListening, The Ultimate Skill26.0 MiB3
More Objection Strategies
Hilton JohnsonOvercoming Stalls and Objections23.5 MiB3
The Approach
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training13.5 MiB3
Hilton JohnsonSecrets to Happiness4.6 MiB3
Hilton JohnsonListening, The Ultimate Skill22.0 MiB4
Exercises and Summary
Hilton JohnsonOvercoming Stalls and Objections25.7 MiB4
Hilton's Best Tips and Techniques
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills9.7 MiB4
Selling By Attraction Review
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills11.2 MiB6
Follow-up: Who, When, Where, How
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training10.8 MiB6
How To Create A Compelling Introduction
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training8.3 MiB7
Magic of Basic Qualifying Question
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills6.2 MiB7
New Wave Marketing (Get Started)
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training9.9 MiB8
Success Formula/Open Forum
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills10.1 MiB8
Finding The Absolute Best Leaders
Hilton JohnsonAdvanced Training9.3 MiB8
Presentation Mistakes To Avoid
Hilton JohnsonPresentation Skills13.2 MiB9


[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Instructor Training Perspectives[/headline_georgia_large_centered]


Hot Seat
Carl WilsonTraining Your Downline Ideas10.7 MiB0
Getting Started
Mickey MonroeTraining Your Downline Ideas28.8 MiB1
Mickey MonroeTraining Your Downline Ideas25.5 MiB2
Three-Way Calls
Mickey MonroeTraining Your Downline Ideas30.1 MiB3
Buddy System and Blitz
Mickey MonroeTraining Your Downline Ideas29.0 MiB4
Getting Started - Alternate Bonus
StaffTraining Your Downline Ideas21.7 MiB5
Coaching - Alternate Bonus
StaffTraining Your Downline Ideas26.2 MiB6
Three-Way Calls - Alternate Bonus
StaffTraining Your Downline Ideas21.6 MiB7
Buddy System and Blitz - Alternate Bonus
StaffTraining Your Downline Ideas25.0 MiB8
Mickey MonroeMotivation28.0 MiB1
Mickey MonroeMotivation28.5 MiB2
Mickey MonroeMotivation27.9 MiB3
Mickey MonroeMotivation27.3 MiB4
Being - Alternate Bonus
StaffMotivation26.3 MiB5
Doing - Alternate Bonus
StaffMotivation23.1 MiB6
Having - Alternate Bonus
StaffMotivation23.8 MiB7
Wrapup - Alternate Bonus
StaffMotivation25.5 MiB8
Getting Into Action
Thomas SarnoGetting Into Action54.5 MiB1
Learning The Approach
Thomas SarnoGetting Into Action54.4 MiB2
Special Presentation
Thomas SarnoGetting Into Action51.1 MiB3
Using The System
Thomas SarnoGetting Into Action52.8 MiB4
Time Management
Mickey MonroeBusiness Strategies23.7 MiB1
Meet Your Neighbors
Mickey MonroeBusiness Strategies25.0 MiB2
Meet Your Business Neighbors
Mickey MonroeBusiness Strategies25.3 MiB3
Neighborhood Attraction Marketing
Mickey MonroeBusiness Strategies27.5 MiB4
Setting The Stage
Mickey MonroePerfecting Your Demo10.8 MiB1
Presentation Formula
Mickey MonroePerfecting Your Demo9.9 MiB2
Creating Your SBA Presentation
This is a description of the class.
Mickey MonroePerfecting Your Demo10.6 MiB3
Objections and Visual Presentation
Mickey MonroePerfecting Your Demo25.6 MiB4
Presentation Formula - Alternate Bonus
StaffPerfecting Your Demo24.3 MiB5
Setting The Stage - Alternate Bonus
StaffPerfecting Your Demo13.4 MiB5
Creating Your SBA Presentation - Alternate Bonus
StaffPerfecting Your Demo24.2 MiB7
Objections and Visual Presentation - Alternate Bonus
StaffPerfecting Your Demo28.9 MiB8
Tim Nihoul4 Step Success Formula27.4 MiB1
Creating More Interest
Tim Nihoul4 Step Success Formula45.4 MiB2
More Creative Qualifying
Tim Nihoul4 Step Success Formula24.9 MiB3
The BQQ and Presenting
Tim Nihoul4 Step Success Formula26.6 MiB4
Overview - Alternate Bonus
Staff4 Step Success Formula23.4 MiB5
StaffInstructor Training Perspectives9.0 MiB0
Plan of Action for New Recruits
StaffInstructor Training Perspectives6.7 MiB0
Staying on Target
StaffInstructor Training Perspectives10.7 MiB0
StaffInstructor Training Perspectives11.6 MiB0
The 5-Minute Presentation 1
StaffInstructor Training Perspectives9.5 MiB0
The 5-Minute Presentation 2
StaffInstructor Training Perspectives9.7 MiB0
Creating a Visual Presentation
StaffInstructor Training Perspectives7.9 MiB0
Making 3-Way Calls
StaffInstructor Training Perspectives6.8 MiB0
BQQ-Intro Stage
Instructor Training Perspectives51.1 MiB0
Creating Interest - Alternate Bonus
StaffInstructor Training Perspectives21.6 MiB6
Creative Qualifying - Alternate Bonus
StaffInstructor Training Perspectives20.2 MiB7
The BQQ and Presenting - Alternative Bonus
StaffInstructor Training Perspectives21.4 MiB8
Three Levels of Listening
Mickey MonroeListening27.9 MiB1
What Do We Listen For?
Mickey MonroeListening27.6 MiB2
Listening Exercises
Mickey MonroeListening26.6 MiB3
Mickey MonroeListening24.5 MiB4
Part 1
StaffTime Management9.2 MiB1
Part 2
StaffTime Management9.9 MiB2
Part 3
StaffTime Management9.7 MiB3
Part 4
StaffTime Management9.9 MiB4
Direct Response and Niches
Mickey MonroeNew Wave Marketing28.0 MiB1
The Law of Marketing
Mickey MonroeNew Wave Marketing27.9 MiB2
BAD and BOLD Marketing
Mickey MonroeNew Wave Marketing27.8 MiB3
Marketing Exercises
Mickey MonroeNew Wave Marketing27.1 MiB4
Psychology of Stalls and Objections
Mickey MonroeOvercoming Stalls and Objections28.9 MiB1
Eliminating Objections
Mickey MonroeOvercoming Stalls and Objections29.7 MiB2
More Objection Strategies
Mickey MonroeOvercoming Stalls and Objections26.4 MiB3
Exercises and Summary
Mickey MonroeOvercoming Stalls and Objections28.2 MiB4
Buffers and Easy Exits
Tim NihoulSelling by Attraction49.8 MiB1
BQQ and Introduction Stage
Tim NihoulSelling by Attraction51.1 MiB2
Problem and Solution Stages
Tim NihoulSelling by Attraction23.6 MiB3
Demonstration and Commitment Stages
Tim NihoulSelling by Attraction25.5 MiB4
The Elevator Speech Revisited
StaffProspecting Secrets23.7 MiB1
30 Second Commercial
StaffProspecting Secrets22.8 MiB2
Hello, How Are You?
StaffProspecting Secrets22.2 MiB3
The 5-Minute Presentation
StaffProspecting Secrets25.8 MiB4
Setting Goals
Mickey MonroeYour Business Plan28.4 MiB5
Mickey MonroeYour Business Plan26.6 MiB6
Daily Activity
Mickey MonroeYour Business Plan26.8 MiB7
Putting It All Together
Mickey MonroeYour Business Plan24.4 MiB8
Social Media Networking 101
Thomas SarnoSocial Media Networking54.6 MiB1
Profiles and Content
Thomas SarnoSocial Media Networking59.6 MiB2
Friends to Prospects
Thomas SarnoSocial Media Networking52.1 MiB3
Thomas SarnoSocial Media Networking51.8 MiB4



“I am now totally prepared to talk to anyone about Juice Plus by using my Hello How are You, 30 Second Commercial and 5 Minute Presentation. I have had great success with this school and never hesitate to refer to it as reason for my success.”


“Your Getting Into Action” classes have been my favorites of the whole program to date! What I’ve learned I have been able to immediately implement. Learning different approaches and building the confidence to use them in my everyday work/life situations has been instrumental in my adding to the list of contacts, growing my hot and warm prospect list, increasing my walkthroughs/ presentations and improving my conversion rate. I’m collecting the tools, effectively using them and I’m moving in the right direction!”